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Vinyl Wrap Your Car Cheap!!

StepUp Customs

V & R Step Up Customs Shop
We are a small shop in the city of Brooklyn which does professional Vinyl Wrapping. Our first priority is to take responsibility of the work you want done to your car. We prepare everything before we start wrapping, we work with the best material on the market such as 3m/Hexis. We wrap both interior/exterior parts. Vinyl Wrapping your car will not only make it looks new/sexy it will also Protect the paint you originally have on your car. The wrap covers all scratches and covers most dents that won't be noticeable on your car. Vinyl Wraps can be removed quickly and/or changed to a different color if your not satisfied with the color you've chosen. Wraps that are removed from factory painted cars should not damage the paint. If taken care of the wrap durability is over 10 years.

Why us?
- We work on exotic cars, we are fast & safe, take care of your car once it is in our hands, we have unbeatable prices, we take our time and try to make your car look like real paint. When we finish wrapping your car we double check every bubble and corner.
- Step Up Customs also specializes in Parts/Kits and Custom Paint. We sell custom parts to modify your car even more sexy than it already is. Maybe you have changed your mind on your color and decided you want a different color, we also paint cars custom colors such as (blue,purple,orange,etc.).

For any questions call :
Vlad +1(347)603-5036

Website -
Facebook- Link on website
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