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Originally Posted by forza1976 View Post
Nice pickup. I'm not a canon shooter (nikon here) but try to stick with Canon glass. The other stuff is decent but you can't go wrong with the good Canon stuff.

Also, if you have any future plans in purchasing a full frame camera (5d Mk2, Mk3, 6d, etc.) then consider glass that is meant for full frame cameras. They will be more expensive but you will be setup for the full frame camera and won't have to duplicate lens purchases. Crop sensor lenses work on full frame cameras but they vignette heavily.

Only other suggestion is to spend the cash on faster lenses if you can stand the prices, so lenses with F stop 2.8 and below. You'll be happy in the future and the low light performance is killer when you get down to that level.

Just some thoughts.
Thanks Matt. I looked at the Nikon D3100 and it was very nice, but I just got too good of a deal on the T3i to pass up.

Good advice on the F stop value - that was one of the things that caught my eye on that "nifty fifty" lens - F stop of 1.8 should make it great for shooting indoors without a flash. Most of the telephoto lenses I'm seeing are in the F4 range - does the F stop value make as big of a difference when shooting outdoors (likely during the day with my son in soccer, etc)?