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Wow u guys are trashing this thread. A couple of things need to be clarified:

1) Procede has disabled autotuning maps for quite some time now (not sure how that relates to the original post, but this is just for clarification since people feel the need to argue with false information)

2) Cobb ap is just as fast as any other tune once its protuned. Its most likely better tailored to your car if you get protuned. Jake is local to me and I have witnessed some of the vehicles he has protuned. They are all fast, so anyone doubting the fact that cobb can "do it all on its own like the piggies" , is wrong.

3.) During the vid, its worth noting that while the autotuning map was being used on the jb4 car, it was also running a lower e85 mixture. Had it ran the same e85 mixture as the cobb car, it would have been more aggressive. Map 5 also detunes itself if you are running too aggressive for the conditions. ALSO: the cobb car in the vid had a slipping clutch which most def affected performance.

All tunes have positives and negatives, so no need to argue. I like whatever makes my car fast. That being said, I've seen plenty of cobb cars that are as fast as mine or faster. I'm unbiased and would reccomend cobb or jb4 if I were asked. Pick the one you like, run it, and have fun.
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