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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
bro fahad go to the track 2x and u wont give a fuck what ur car sounds me

and as for gofast the crowd and keep it where its at. if anything i would track with the 328 first...the track is daunting as fuck 1st time u go.

lol im doing tremblant with traction on (well, dsc)...can i turn it off? probably, but still terrified. won't be changing to Rcomps anytime soon. max out the skill...then get the mods. only reason i got my brakes is cuz i melted my stock ones

Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
what is involved in 'programming' the new battery? did you ask your indy shop? or did you see them do it?

because i didnt do it on my 911 when i changed the battery and it seems to be doing just fine so far. of course its only been a few days since i did the change.

i have asked the mechanic that does the basic maintenance on my cars and he has never heard of programming the battery. is this unique to BMWs?
So apparently the system has to be "taught" about the battery. I'm repeating some marketing bs here, so I don't know how true this is, but I remember Following some threads and the consensus was you should do it for scary valid reasons.