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Well, I thought I'd prep for the winter, and make an addition or two and swap out a couple of things.

As I wasn't happy with the LED H8 bulbs I'd previously bought, the colour wasn't what I wanted, i.e. purple tinge, and the outer rings were alittle weak in luminosity, so I bought these :

They're an H8 Creen LED bulb, emits a strong light, and gets the outer ring lit up strongly even in bright daylight.

The bulb differences - old :

The new :

And here's a picture of them on, in bright sunlight.
Not easy to capture the true colour of the bulbs, but they have a nice purple tinge to them, not LCi intense, but just nice :

With that sorted, I turned my attention to the mechanicals - over the past year the glow plugs have started to flag up as faults one by one. So I replaced them today.
The originals were Beru, but I opted to replace them with Bosch.
I prefer Bosch products, and I was alittle shocked to find they were Beru, especially when the rest of the fuel system + ignition components are Bosch.

I was crapping myself if I'm honest, after stripping back the plastics, and removing the inlet manifold, the next part I was dreading, but to my relief and surprise all six came out with ease. No snapped glow plugs or pulled threads.

Whist I had the inlet manifold off, I thought I'd swap out the swirl flaps, yes, I am aware that they're a modified design and are not a risk on my model, but I thought as I've just ticked over 110,500 miles, I'd remove them rather than risk it.
Once I removed them, I was happily surprised to see that all six were in perfect condition.
Fitted the blanking plugs :

As I do most of my work at my friends unit, handy to have cover and a full selection of tools, I've only driven the car about 10 miles, but initial impressions are good.
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