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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
You'll need proof regarding the roof, but I think there is nothing you can do about the bearing. insurance will only replace what is not visibly broken at the time the adjuster/claims inspects the vehicle. I confirmed this with my wife's accident so we paid out of pocket to replace a bearing two months after her accident.
With my accident, I communicated via email for the most part so there won't be any, "he said / she said" situation, and there was a paper trail. If there are any unresolved issues, missed diagnostics, or additional hidden damage, the insurance should cover them if deemed reasonable (my car was nearly new when it got in an accident).

I know it may be an additional expense, but having a BMW master tech talk to provide a report to the adjuster may support your claim.

If you are still concerned about the safety of your vehicle, get a comprehensive inspection done.

You may attempt to resolve the dispute with the insurance, giving them a chance to fix things before going to small claims.
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