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When I got in from work, went out to the car to see if the silica gel had done anything and nope it's still the same

So I had the lights on and just looking around the headlight and notice some lights peering through the plastic, on closer inspection there is a big crack in the plastic right next to the bracket

The picture doesn't quite show all the crack as it prob goes another 1/4 inch but this is obviously where the moisture is getting in.

So to temp fix it I have put (don't laugh too much) pleanty of duck tape over, across and around the crack and put 12 yes 12 silica gel packs in the headlight to see if this withdraws the moisture that way I know for deffinate if it is the crack that's causing the water in the headlight which I hope it is.

If it is then dry at the weekend I would like to try do a permanent fix for this. What do you think would be my best way of doing this? My dad suggested using arodite with a hard plastic to cover over the crack and my brother in-law suggested some liquid metal compound?