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You're sure it was a girl right?

Funny story and true, back in the day had a friend who had the gift with women, could say anything and the hook up was on. We were at a bar a friend worked at, dive place, and this stunning older lady walks in sits at the far end and orders a drink. My friend looks at us and says she's mine, we're thinking yep right she's out of all our leagues. He goes over and about 30minutes later they leave together, he looks back at us and just smiles. We're all WTF this guys pulls all the ladies. So we hang out like a bunch of loser's and then about 20 minutes later he comes in thru the back of the place, out of breath looking like he saw a ghost. Turns out it was a dude and when he said he wasn't down with that the guy rolled him, threw him out of his/her/it's car and took his wallet. We laughed for forever and whenever he hooked up again we all would just laugh and tell him to check the package before unwrapping.