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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
Does she ever wish it had more power?? I was thinking of starting out on a CBR 600 and lowering it (since Im so short) .. On the GSXR my feet barely touch.. I usually have to lean the bike with one foot flat down and the other one still in the air because I cant straddle it comfortably. Its too high.
Just dropping the bike will do wonders. Balanced on the wheels there isnt much to keep a bike upright. Although admittedly I have a foot and about 70lbs on you Im sitting at lights holding the brake with one foot and talking on the phone like I was at a bus stop, and the MV is heavy for the type of bike it is. Its really all about the balance.

Another thing to do is check out some twins like the Ducs. Their mass is a little lower in the bike. 4 bangers wear their weight up high.

Also they do make actual boots that have a wedge heel. My girlfriend has a pair with a low heel and she looked at a pair with a pretty substantial heel. They looked like dress boots but had an inner shell liner, very clandestine protection.