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Originally Posted by passing View Post
alright im throwin in the towel and calling it a day. have some personal issues that need handling.

see you all in the AM!
good luck man

Originally Posted by pgviper View Post
What's good everyone, figured I would join in since i'm in the same situation.

e90 looks great! Stance and everything is sick. Were you thinking of changing anything?

What's wrong with hankook's? For every day use, they seem to be a good choice based on price and performance.

Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
Thank you, needs a drop though and lci rear and mtech front and more power and well a lot of stuff

Good luck to you!

lol yeah damn mod bug... a drop would definitely be the first thing on my list if i were you though , my coilovers are at my bro's apt in la, gotta find time to go pick em up! can't wait
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