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Originally Posted by MrRetep View Post
what coilovers did you go with? at this point, idk if I want to drop that kind of money on this car anymore. Like I mentioned earlier im getting kind of bored of it, so i could drop it into my track car or just do nothing for a year or two and get me a gtr.
Save up for the GTR 100%. 2014 GTR is supposed to have some serious improvements on it. 2014 Corvette is going to be awesome also. 2014 BMW (every new model they are coming out with) should be pretty sweet also. 2014 is a big year so I think 1 more year without touching the car isn't a big deal.

I honestly think its the people running very aggresive setup's on 20" wheels that have the camber problems and when they do, they need the plates and adjustable camber arms. I'm sticking with the 19" size and probably won't have much of a problem. I'm just worried about falling into a money pit because I want this car to be comfortable enough for full year driving (getting me through NY winters) and get me through the next couple years. Then i'll get something that I can dedicate as a "fun weekend" car and then have a commuter that gets 40+ mpg lol.

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