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Originally Posted by Boz335i View Post
I found that my car could just about outdrag most of the cars on the straight, V8 M3s, 911's etc. The straight six with the performance exhaust sounded great when pushed. The DCT was just perfect on the track.
But then the corners came and coupled with my crap driving skills and my nervousness, I was soon overtaken as my exit speeds were quite low compared to others, then the frustrating bit was that I was generally holding back on the straights as I didn't want to overtake, as I'd be in the same position again at the next set of bends.
I would strongly recommend going out with an instructor they can encourage you to drive up to the safe limits and give you some really good track tips.

I was with an instructor and was able to outpace and overtake two 911 which were on the track. The track was dry and I was braking so hard the ABS where coming on a few times, and in the corners I was having to slow down due to the 911 just could not handle them. I too have Michelin pilot sports and non-run flats. Even the instructor was amazed with the Alpina road holding. However the Michelins took hammering and now need a new set.

I confess I was underwhelmed with the 911 performance and road holding I expected more, especially to what the press say about them. Has anyone else found this as well? (it could be the two 911 drivers were totally crap drivers)

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