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Originally Posted by gm325xi View Post
not entirely service manager reset my adaptations due to the fact that my trans was jerking when coming to a stop.i didnt do it because i want it to learn my driving style....MY SA was even the one who suggested to do the reset.
maybe its not your transmission, bulletin SI B 24 06 06

This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B24 06 06 dated August 2006.
designates changes to this revision
A Slight Bump is Felt Shortly after the Vehicle Comes to a Stop
E85 3.0 and 3.0si with the GA6HP19Z transmission produced up to 07/2006
E90, E91 All with the GA6HP19Z transmission produced up to 09/2006
A slight one-time bump is felt shortly after the vehicle comes to a stop.
This is due to the design concept of "NIC", or Neutral Idle Control. This gearbox feature uncouples the torque converter whenever the vehicle is stationary, gearbox oil temperature is between 20C and 120C, and the brakes are applied. By disconnecting the torque converter the load on the engine is reduced to a minimum. Please explain this feature and its operation to the customer.
For the E85, revised EGS software is available with Progman 23.0 or higher.
For the E90, E91 revised EGS software is expected in a future release of Progman. Until that time, on a customer complaint basis only, this feature can be deactivated as described in the procedure below.
E85 On a customer complaint basis only, reprogram the EGS module with Progman 23.0 or higher. It is not possible to deactivate this feature using the retrofit option on the E85.
E90, E91 - On a customer complaint basis only, perform the Retrofit - "Converter lockup clutch" using Progman 23.0 (Target Data status: E89x-06-09-520) or higher. Follow the "Retrofit" procedures as outlined in SI B09 05 01.
For the appropriate defect code and labor operations please refer to the KSD system.