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Originally Posted by De30m View Post

I think you were a little unlucky then, but have to agree, 2 Kumho cup cars a 996GT3RS and I think a supercharged M3 plus plenty of other fast cars in the 2 novice sessions was a bit silly

This is the only time I went out that got red flagged,

Wish it had dried out.
Looks like I must have caught every single track closure. Guilty parties shall remain nameless!

Originally Posted by Boz335i View Post
Thanks for the offer Lars, that's really good of you. Unfortunately I can't make this weekend.

Thanks for the tip off about MSV @ Bedford Autodrome.
I just checked their website and they do an open pit lane day for 99. It sounds perfect for me until I get some more experience.
I really like Bedford as it's one of those tracks where most kerbs are painted, it's flat with loads of run off area, so you can really get to know your car. Dry, wet or damp it's pretty good fun and one of the safest tracks to learn how your car behaves on the limit. It can be a little hard on the brakes if you push it, but all part of the fun.

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I would strongly recommend going out with an instructor they can encourage you to drive up to the safe limits and give you some really good track tips.
+1 on that. I would recommend that you try to book the instructor time so you have a couple of hours on track before you have the tuition. This way you get to learn the track before hand and I find I'm able to pickup more from the instructors.