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Originally Posted by GammaZeta View Post
Are you kidding me? The 944 didn't sell? The only reason it isn't around today is because Porsche screwed it up by trying to evolve it into the 968.

The 944 is one of the best handling cars you can get. I owned a 944T and can tell you the handling and cornering is amazing, even compared to today's standards and the 944 is almost 30 years old.

Porsche needs to bring back two things:

1. Modern evolution of the 944, with a twin turbo, 3.0 liter, 4 banger. 2,800 - 2,900 lbs.

2. New 928, with the same "mid engine" (but in the front) layout as the Merc SLS, V8 goodness with POP UP HEADLIGHTS.

Never mind with this Cayman stuff.
The cayman is an extremely capable car, I wouldn't under estimate them. Especially one that has a 3.8 X51 engine swapped in, or a bolt on turbo kit with 550HP. Once it has the power the chassis deserves, it eats 911's, gt3's etc for breakfast on track. Its also pretty easy to get them down in weight, too.