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Originally Posted by pwn View Post
The cayman is an extremely capable car, I wouldn't under estimate them. Especially one that has a 3.8 X51 engine swapped in, or a bolt on turbo kit with 550HP. Once it has the power the chassis deserves, it eats 911's, gt3's etc for breakfast on track. Its also pretty easy to get them down in weight, too.

Well sure, if you're talking engine swaps, aftermarket tubro/supercharger kits, aftermarket suspensions, then that applies to any car. Give me enough money and I can make my Z4M eat a 911 turbo with an M5 S85 engine swap.

Cayman's a great car. But you have to compare it with the way it comes from the factory, not with tens of thousands of dollars of modifications on a $70,000 car. Heck, you can now even get a GT3 for around the price of a new Cayman.

Right now, if it was between a new Cayman or a used Audi R8 4.2L, you'd still have to go with the Audi for a few more bucks, both looks and performance.