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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post

So apparently the system has to be "taught" about the battery. I'm repeating some marketing bs here, so I don't know how true this is, but I remember Following some threads and the consensus was you should do it for scary valid reasons.
Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
yea but i am wondering if these potentially hazardous issues can actually occur or if the dealers are just scaring customers into thinking that the battery would blow up if they dont do this?

i mean has anyone actually tried replacing their battery and documented a failure because they did not re-program their battery?

i would think that the system cant be so failure prone because if it is, wont this be a major liability issue? i am sure there are tons of people out there with regular 1,3 or 5 series that are already out of warranty and just go to a plain old indy shop or canadian tire, etc to replace the battery. i am sure canadian tire doesnt have the 'speciality' tool needed to reset BMWs.
Every which way you look at this coding thing, it is simply dumb/stupid if indeed it is required. Injectors perhaps (even then) but batteries?
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