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Originally Posted by rpiopio View Post
tldr: BMW performance suspension or aftermarket suspension?

Full post:
I've got a 2006 330i. Non-sport package. I'm considering upgrading to the sport suspension since there's a sale and I've got over 100K miles so it might be a good time to replace/upgrade. I like the more aggressive stance but I still like a reasonably comfortable ride which is why I was leaning towards BMW parts, but I'm not 100%.

Is upgrading to BMW sport suspension worth it or should I go aftermarket? Open to suggestion and an good discussion.

Other stats: Ideally, I'd like to
1) reduce the GAP between my tires and wheel well
2) maintain a reasonably comfortable ride. (I'm well aware that upgrading will make it more stiff, but I don't want it REALLY stiff).
3) Try to spend under $2500 including installation.


BMW Performance is the way to go. The damping is significantly better than ZSP while roll is reduced. If you are going OEM this is the only way to go and well within your budget. Trust me - it is absolutely amazing what BMW engineers did.

However, there is a side-effect. You will notice immediately how soft the rear subframe bushings are when you go over bumps but this will be the case even if you go with the aftermarket suspensions. This proves that the original suspension design had flaws. If you upgrade your suspension and SF bushings you will have a different machine with two personalities. One that doesn't mind being pushed hard and the other one that can chill out and just cruise.

Also, you will get a nice drop while not being slammed, perfect in my opinion.


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