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Originally Posted by hellomyBMW View Post
JB4 + G5 installation completed!

I can definitely feel the difference and that's before mixing E85! After installation, I took it for a test drive with map5... (I have BMS DCI only)
first few WOT runs were very impressive until car jerked and threw a code at me. 29F2 - Fuel Pressure....!! I pulled over and searched for the code immediately and found out it was a common issue. I guess running map 5 with no E85 mixed is too much...?
But I was told that you can run map 5 with no mods... ??
So I switched to map1 restarted the car and did few more WOT runs and no codes.
(Keep in mind that I have less than 1000 miles on my 335is so bad fuel pressure is not likely the case...)

I'm confused though... I thought G5 was suppose to fix minor code issues..?
Oh and also, when I start up JB4 interface on my computer it does say, "interface settings does not match G5 board"
Was I suppose to update the firmware?

Please advise!
Are you running ISO? Update the interface (software) and the firmware to latest version. I don't know about that code, but I'd keep driving and if it pops up again email Terry. If not, it may just be adaptation tbh. I have had weird stuff pop up once when I switch big things. You can run Map 5 on 91 only no problem. That code doesn't have anything to do with that.