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Originally Posted by 335_MI6 View Post
FBO with tire:

Nick trust me i know.... I seen them at the track before they arent slow cars
Not saying they are slow bud. Simply saying out of many FBO 5.0's at PBIR, I haven't seen one hit 11's without the bottle. Terry can hit low 12's with JB4 and DCI only. Does that mean everyone can? Of course not, results vary. Most FBO 5.0's run low 12's. What's your best time in an Xi? High 12's?

Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
+1, PBIR right here. I'm not lying to you, I've seen many run with my own eyes.

"Imagine if the op raced from a 40 roll with a fbo 5.0, you still think the 335i would "walk it?" Look below. I sure do and have seen it happen. 11.87 on street tires. All that took was FBO and an E85 mix. JB4 18ohm too. I wonder what that 5.0 ran on street tires?

Originally Posted by smi1gj View Post
fwiw I went 11.87 on street tires in my E90. could easily hit 11.67 or better with radials.

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