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It's not that I'm lazy. I've experienced piggy backs before with my 3000GT VR-4. I ran Greddy E-Manage Blue with the a/f and timing tune. It was fine but if the temperature changed I had to get another tune since my car wouldn't adjust. During pulls, I had to keep an eye on my A/f's, EGTs, and Boost to make sure things were in working order. I did a lot of work myself except when it came to heavy duty stuff or wiring. I popped the motor just by screwing up one setting on the boost controller and it was enough to cause me to run lean and detonate I didn't catch it in time because first and second gears were so quick I didn't have to to glance at 5 gauges. Overall The car was a blast and ran mid 12s consistently. I replaced the motor and sold the car.

I don't want to go through similar tuning issues with the BMW. I like the way it drives stock. Ultimately, I would like more power but keep the stock drivability.
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