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Originally Posted by SubzeroVR4 View Post
It's not that I'm lazy. I've experienced piggy backs before with my 3000GT VR-4. I ran Greddy E-Manage Blue with the a/f and timing tune. It was fine but if the temperature changed I had to get another tune since my car wouldn't adjust. During pulls, I had to keep an eye on my A/f's, EGTs, and Boost to make sure things were in working order. I did a lot of work myself except when it came to heavy duty stuff or wiring. I popped the motor just by screwing up one setting on the boost controller and it was enough to cause me to run lean and detonate I didn't catch it in time because first and second gears were so quick I didn't have to to glance at 5 gauges. Overall The car was a blast and ran mid 12s consistently. I replaced the motor and sold the car.

I don't want to go through similar tuning issues with the BMW. I like the way it drives stock. Ultimately, I would like more power but keep the stock drivability.
The sophistication of the DME is so far advanced in comparison to the older JDM ECU's it's ridiculous. The DME allows the Piggy and Flash tunes to be alot easier than most other platforms. First off it tunes for AFR's not injector pulse widths using factory wideband O2's. The injectors for most peoples needs are big enough and never need upgraded. The knock sensing and other environmental (temps, IAT's etc) keep tunes from hurting anything. You would almost have to try to screw it up on purpose to blow anything up on this engine other than the turbo's and have seen very few engine failures on these sites aside from a few freak incidents and I don't think any of them were due to power levels or tuning problems. As for your experience with Greddy that's never a pleasant experience their products used to be good but their ease of use, instructions and customer service were always the worst. Which ever route you go either Piggy or Flash I don't think you'll regret it either way. I don't have any experience on the piggy's but I've heard that the JB4 can be a little easier to manage and it's a fact that BMS has the best customer service but you will find those few occasions of people having a bad experience with one of the tunes, then switching and saying how horrible the first one was and how great the second one is.
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