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They lost 10 costumers I knew including me. They are POS Shop. They did a coolant flush on my buddies e36 and put no coolant in after and he overheated and luckily no engine damage.

In my E90 they did something I forgot what it was but when i was driving it home they did not put my underpanel on right and it fell of on the highway. I called the shop and yelled at them and some asshole comes and says what you want me to bring a tow truck or something and I hung up and went the next day and bitched at them and they said that guy got fired. Yea right BS. I will never go back to them ever again. So many horror stories with these guys.

They painted my buddies E46 M3 front bumper and it started to peel crack and all sorts of things. They did some ghetto wiring on my other buddies E36 m3 for his fog lights. My other friend with his E36 M3( I know too many e36 guys) brought it in for something and they said hey theres a bad ground from your head unit and he goes okay i just got it installed and ill go to them instead since they need to fix it. He goes there and was fine payign a diagnostics or something but they fixed the problem and 300.00 was the bill. He ended up paying for it after fighting and never went back.

I can write pages on this POS SHOP. I had them accuse me of writing a bad comment on one of their youtube pages saying fuc* FMU and I go I know the guy and its not me and it was the guy whos car got overheated.

A&L AUTOBODY> Everything else.

Marilyn is such an annoying woman holy shit and their dogs need to die.