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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Not saying they are slow bud. Simply saying out of many FBO 5.0's at PBIR, I haven't seen one hit 11's without the bottle. Terry can hit low 12's with JB4 and DCI only. Does that mean everyone can? Of course not, results vary. Most FBO 5.0's run low 12's. What's your best time in an Xi? High 12's?
Idk man, fl is strange... my car ran like shit when i was down there, all the 5.0s that ran at MIR event that had just full ons ran between 11s to low 12s. Like you said you have seen them run those numbers and I have seen these. Im not going to come here and defend another car you know. I know this, i drive 5.0s more then i drive my 335. This is besides the point but my friend's fbo plus 100 shots ran low 10s, my other really good friend built supercharged ran 9s in a vert, auto. Like i said before im not here to defend mustangs or whatever, im just staying keep your eyes open you can't just walk them. Also I never had an opportunity to take my car to the strip but with my setup in def in the 11s... What are you running at the track?

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