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Originally Posted by Soikiu View Post
Hi JohnMan,

I've been in HK for almost 3 years, been driving for 1+ years now and modded my car as much as I can afford... (which isn't much...!)

In the 1+ years I've been driving, I learned a thing or two, mostly from the members here:
- Any part that is not original (didn't come pre-installed with the car) are deemed illegal mods. Yes - you're absolutely right, even a sweet set of 19" BBS are "technically" illegal if the cops wanted to nail you.
- BMW perf. vs. Aftermarket = purely personal preference.
However, for body kits, I would go with original parts. More expensive but saves on the headache of fitment issues.
Anything with a "BMW Performance" logo is usually more expensive. e.g: Brembo brakes vs BMW Performance. Recaro Seats vs. BMW Performance seats (same thing, just different stitching = more $$$).
At the end, it all depends on your personal taste. After all, your car is an extension of your artistic and creative side
- Performance wise: I do not think BMW makes anything that will significantly increase your car's output.

Have fun modding mate...
Sigh...I sort of knew it but need confirmation on the latest news regarding the legality question. What's the penalty for having aftermarket parts? As far as I know, the police usually don't specifically target against tuned parts unless you are caught speeding or street racing. But what about BMW performance parts? They advertised it on their official company that would imply they are legal?

I tend to prefer relatively understated classy designs. It doesn't necessarily have to "stand out". I'm not like those ricers who puts huge-ass spoiler or ground-scraping bumper that doesn't have much impact other than make it look "meaner", haha. If I want to add performance parts, it has to improve the actual performance/handling of the car.

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