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I hate seeing these threads. See? Over a year now and the ONLY companies that have created an SC kit are ARMA (pretty sure everyone has seen that scam thread where they wouldn't pay up for the guy's kit under their "warranty" not to mention its overseas...) and MMW (still in the fine tuning stages) but yeah I have yet to hear anything from all of these major SC companies (ess, AA, vf engineering etc.) That claim that they're gonna make a kit. They're just blowing smoke up your ass and letting you believe and hope that the n52 will have a sc kit with a strong name behind them. Truth is fellas, the n52 isn't gonna make the power you're thinking of without a major overhaul or some major damage on the motor and drivetrain. Sucks right? Id rather invest 15k into a e36 m and slap an sc kit on that over holding my breathe for these companies to give to go back and help the last members of the NA family to get up to power with the 335 or anything big. But I guess we can either wish, wait for MMW to finish fine tuning, or buy from ARMA and waste 7k. Or buy a track car/ project car and make it 6x faster than the n52 will ever see in its lifetime. Gotta say though, id be one of the first in line if they could create some way to keep the n52 from warping, blowing or snapping anything due to excess heat, boost, and power.
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I'm going to use a very simple analogy, I hope you'll understand.
Driving is like having sex.
It really is. You can read up all you want about how to please a woman, you can look at all the diagrams in the world, but just like the clitoris, you won't know what the hell an apex is before you actually find it.