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+1 xenon.

Tripleblack, the 2 systems are totally incompatible.

The older CCC nav (which I had in my 06 330i) uses just 1 (non password protected) single layer DVD with map data on which remains in the DVD slot the whole time and the system uses the disc as a ROM device. That's why you have a separate CD slot for music CDs. There is no storage of any map data on the system. The NAV O/S is fixed and not upgraded with the disc.

The newer CIC nav uses 3 x DL DVDs which are copied in full to the HDD system, so the DVDs are redundant after loading onto the system. Thus you only have 1 CD/DVD slot.

It will be the 3D mapping and much higher screen resolution on the CIC version that makes the file sizes so huge compared to the CCC version.

The CCC nav discs have been free online for years so there is nothing to 'buy' there.

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