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Originally Posted by eriktufa View Post
Why must this happen when I need the car

I had a small crack (2 cm long inside the wheel) on one of the rear wheel, I think I must have hit something during thunderstorm in Perth yesterday, resulting in small air leak (didn't notice until today).

I lost 20 psi in 2 hours and yes car is not safe to drive

I'm questioning BMW OEM quality now and have to get it repaired or get aftermarket wheels (waiting for suff reply).

Rant end.

No pic for now but I will take it when I want to repair it.

Bugger - it was a yucky day weather wise here yesterday. With the poor state of our roadways in Perth I am constantly on the lookout for pot holes and also general crap on our freeways. It is about time Perth Councils got off their arses and picked up some the wood, plastic, rocks and stuff that litters our roads...what we paying taxes and rates for?

Hope you can get your rim repaired at a reasonable price.