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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Somewhere in here VP determined that the PDX amps single-ended inputs are referenced to 0V and not to ground. That's the reason that they work with the OEM HU balanced signals (double-ended outputs, as in both wires have voltage).

There is no balanced-signal circuitry per se in the PDX amps.
Thanks Technic.

I am still noob compared to many here and hence understood half of your response. So amp cannot take balanced signals as per specification but people still use it..?

I am having issues with the amp. On low gains it sounds fine but when gains are set propely, it does not sound good and clean.

If I send only +ve signals from HU and no -ve, would it work better?

(P.s: I have used the same amp + sub in my wife's car with Alpine HU from sub pre-out, and no issues there. So amp and sub are 100% working.)