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OK, I decided that I'd give a try at retrofitting a cheap aftermarket ballast into my system. My research determined that there are no aftermarket kits with D1S bulbs, but D2S bulbs seem to have the same size and shape where the bulb fits the socket, so I ordered up a kit from eBay with 4300K bulbs, slimline ballasts and all the harnesses and decided to go from there. Here's my photo documentation of the process. I wanted to make it as clean as possible without cutting/distorting anything should I decide to go back to stock in the future (like if I find a decent OEM ballast set cheap). Click on any photo for full resolution.

First, I removed the socket from the old ballast board so I wouldn't have to cut the original feed connector:

Next, solder up the connection to the harness for the new ballast:

Heat-shrink tubing is an electronic hobbyist's best friend:

Completed harness ready to plug into stock headlight connector:

(Continued in next post)