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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
It's just been an hour since this is up and the NA section is sometimes dead. So if you need info fast you should just SEARCH it. But anyways I'll tell you now everything you can do:

-High flow muffler
-Catless headers
-You got an AFE so that won't help much honestly because you have a NA engine, what you should have done was gotten a Euro Box intake for N52 or did a simple K&N filter drop in.
-Air scoops
-After all the performance mods you should get an AA tune to tie it all together
-Also knock some weight off your car
-Tires + wheels
-Coilovers, don't get springs because stock shocks won't hold it up too long.
-Sway bars, strut bars, etc.

That's almost all you can do to these cars, not much you can do that doesn't require lots of $. Now if you had a 335 those become monsters after a few modding.


plus ditch the run flats... you will save 10-13lbs from each wheel. If you dont get a muffler just delete it as a whole....... that will save 35lb. and with the 2nd cats + resonator its not bad, exhaust note wise/sound.

theres a thread here where a guy made is US airbox into a Euro box... basically you put a cone type filter in instead of the flat one that the US uses.

last, the 3 stage intake manifold from a 2006 330i of 530i.

The manifold, AA tune, headers are the big power gains... 10-15rwhp each.

the intake, muffler are prolly 4-7rwhp gains. the scoups only help once your doing 60mph +