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Originally Posted by kelvin2010 View Post
What do you mean a little too healthy? You think not very normal or the dyno is not correct?
I don't know about the correction factor...The guy who ran it didn't tell me anything and this is my first time put my car on a dyno, so I don't know too much...
What I mean is that with the mods you have, those torque numbers are very good: on the high end. When a dyno operator tests a car, they go through calibration routine as well as tell the dyno software what the weather conditions are. This is vital, because the dyno's results are changed based upon the calibration and weather parameters. That's why comparing numbers between different dynos can be inaccurate. If you really want to see what power you have gained with mods, you should get a baseline of the stock car, and then compare those results under similar test conditions (ideally, same day, same dyno calibration).