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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
wait, you conceal without a permit?

And sorry, I don't buy the "if you are being shot at you must have a permit to shoot back." If I am in a situation where I know I am taking into a back storage room with a gun to my head, Im not going to phone up the state of California the next day for a permit. The difference is I was raised around guns my entire life. My Father is an ex navy seal of 15 years, and even he still carries. My only issue about carrying is that others are not familiar with their firearm. There are enough loop holes as to how you can store the clips, and what makes a "locked" firearm.

I carry when I travel. Simple as that. Due to travel laws and multi-state bullshit on CC I do it anyways. I have a private plane, I travel often. I am my own security as well as my families. I carry and I always will.
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