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Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
Cowl (US) Scuttle (UK) we're refering to the body section between the windscreen & engine, usually has the wiper assembly & pollen filters etc in it. If the drains are blocked it can fill with water, I recently came across an Audi with leaf blocked drains that had over 6 inches of water sitting in it, which was slowly dripping onto the passenger carpet. The lady complained there was a strange noise when she went round corners
I had a friend of a friend take a look (an AA windsreen repair man), he looked at all those areas took a few bits apart, checked for leaves, put it all back toegther, still leaks, so I imagine a seal or something needs replacing somewhere? I have booked it in to BMW, 95 just to tell me what needs fixing, not great, but needs must.