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Originally Posted by Foreman05 View Post
Yep it was a bad coil. #5 cylinder misfire. Ordered from bav auto on eBay for 35 bucks. Took about 45 minutes from opening hood to closing it. Not at all a 350 dollar job. If it is a coil it should be real doggy when u give it gas. My rpm was real twitchy when driving at a constant speed. One way to find a bad coil is with the car running pop the locking cap on each coil. 1 at a time. If the car runs worse than that coil was good. Reconnect and try the next one. It's not as drastic change as I would have thought running on 4 cylinders instead of 5 but you can tell. Once I got to #5 and popped the cap there was no change to my idle...winner. Let me know if u need anything else
Hi, What was the color of that Spark plug you had an issue with the coil? I have a miss, changed the spark plugs and one of them is foul. Im thinking I have a bad coil?