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I just did this 3 days ago....bought the act street clutch from topgearsolutions for 470 i believe....then went to bmw and bought all the necessary bolts, pivot ball, throw bearing, pilot bearing, and it all came to 260 for a hassle free install.....i brought it to lee myles transmission which i believe is a franchise...they told me it was an 8 hour install...about 800 ended up being 965 all together jsut for labor.....they said they had to send the flywheel out to be cut or resurfaced....but now ive put about 100 miles on the car and it still has a shudder going into 1st or reverse....especially uphill its hard to get got to give it alot of gas.....i called the shop to bring it back on saturday but of course their first excuse is it could be a defective he said it coul;d be becaause we didnt replace the flywheel....and when i called bmw for a proice on the flywheel they told me 1140...which is insane...and bmw said they wouldnt cut or resurface any dual masss flywheel...they would replace them....dont know what to take fromn all this....but i need a solution. maybe an aftermarket flywheel but now i gotta pay another 900 to install...craziness. i was better off doing it from the jump....nnow a 1700 dollar job is gonna cost another 3700 all together just to fix a clutch....might as well had an automatic rfebuilt or replaced..i wanna cry....anybody have any advice