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Service Indicator Lamps

Hey guys, havent been on in awhile, i havent driven my beemer personally for almost a year now, i was involved in an accident which resulted in me losing my license...but im gettin it back in december there gonna let me drive again it wasnt that bad seriously..but im getting the car serviced and was wondering if anyone had the Legend or Key for the Service Info Symbols...before i bring the car in to get serviced i want to know what each thing means so that i can at least get an idea of the price of parts and then factor in labor...and to also help me determine which is more important...i know the oil, spark plugs, regular service, brakes, etc...but there are a few that im not sure of so if someone could help me out with a legend or at least where to find one it would be greatly appreciated...thanks guys...cant wait to get back in my car