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Originally Posted by ptwob311 View Post
So I went to the stealership and got a new battery and had it registered. PROcede was turned off but left in the car as I no longer have a warranty so why bother right???

Now here is the fun part... If the PROcede is on, when I floor it as soon as it gets to 4K rpm, the Service Engine Soon light comes on and the car goes into limp mode. HOWEVER, with the PROcede off, Map 0, the car will pull at WOT all the way till redline and shift. No Problems, and no limp.. pull after pull. THe 1st occurrence was 500 yards from the dealership when I tried to pass someone with the PROcede on.

Once the SES light is on, a short time later it will go off and the car goes back to normal. PROcede off or on. I tried this 4 times before posting....
HPFP was replaced less than 2,000 miles ago.
Should I suspect foul play on the part of the stealership? ie "frying" my PROcede?
What could be the cause of this besides the HPFP? But if it is the HPFP why no problem with PROcede off. I run 10psi stage 1 with K&N filter.

thanks for help

I have experienced the same case as you, finally it is about spark plugs, just change a set new one and problem would be solved.