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no, you had a different issue as I red, not this error.

I think this error is caused by the unit being very new and can't be coded with D-com, only MOST

However, I tried something else and:
1 - changed VO by adding 663, 6NN and 6FL
2 - did sg_reset and LOST bluetooth AND USB
3 - removed 6NN, sg_reset and I got back bluetooth and USB

So, job done so far.

I wonder if it's possible to get the phone to do voice recognition instead of the bluetooth voice commands?

and how do I change gong volume, it's so very loud that I will disable new gong if I can't find a way to lower it (I did lower it to min from audio menu, but still way too loud)
I also noticed gong is not influenced by volume button

Originally Posted by Jose_JN View Post
Depending on the production date of your car, you could need (or not):
61138384550 x1 -> 12 pins Female Connector
61138387206 x1 -> Connector housing
But they only cost a few bucks.

For USB you still need:
61119129360 x1 -> Coaxial fakra wire for USB
84109237653 x1 -> USB/Aux Socket
This cost around 80 bucks

My car is 09/09 so it turns out I do NOT need the 12 pins connector and housing
My big connector at the back of the radio already had the 12 pin connector (actually a double 12 pin connector) built into the big main plastic radio connector

So I only needed to insert the 2 pins and secure them

I also to my surprise discovered I had fiber optic connector at the back of the radio. Happily though, the new HU also came with fiber at the back

What does actually the fiber optic do? transport sound, data? does MOST run through it? Does it mean I have an sound amplifier somewhere else in the car?

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