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Originally Posted by NewMember View Post
Hey, I have a mechanics garage which I usually rent out to people on Sundays, looking for weekend project. You can use one bay, with access to a lift and Air compressor.

Bring your own tools!
Located in Manhattan, Next to Jacob Javit Center.
PM me if you are interested.

I will be with there too, just to over look, the Max I allow is 4 hours.

Once again Bring your own tools! I have had people come with no tools, expecting to use the ones at the shop. After I clearly state to bring your own. I dont allow the use of mine, since my mechanics own them, Not me.

Also if you are doing a cool project with an E9x. I can help with little things lol.

what would you charge just to rent space and use water and electricity for detailing a car? no lift required, but at $50 for 2 hours it would get pricey.

detailing likely to require 16 hours (2 days)