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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
I don't know.... After the Mustang II (probably the worst car ever), I'm sure Ford is aware of the fact that if they drop the V8, all hell will break loose. I think putting a TT V6 (even if an outstanding implementation) will change their target demographic drastically, which would be bad. They're doing pretty good things with the efficiency of the NA V8, as are other automakers, so hopefully that continues.

Along the lines of what you said, I don't think anyone really cares if they replace the V6 with a TT I2 (or would it be a V2... or both?), as long as they keep a sweet sounding torquey V8, I'm good. I don't think they could sell many Mustangs without a V8 in the lineup (fleet vehicles excluded), but who knows these days.
I'm sure Ford knows very well what they can sell.. so does Chevy... doesn't mean that they dont keep producing Volts at a loss when they could do much better with other models.

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