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Originally Posted by bula
Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
I will upload the region 2 to one other place so people can download it. I just don't get it why people already downloaded the files from send space and don't try to help other members by uploading the files to another file sharing sites like netload, bizrate, ...... Thats just show how selfish some members are that they just think of themselves.
I do not think this is the case however some of us including myself did not want to step on anyone totes. Here you go:

I will seed for now but I am alredy in red with my provider and they are charging $3 per extra gig. Hopefully will work.
Bula, wasn't meant you bro, and sorry, got tired of 20 pm / day about this and why they can only download 1 file at a time.

If you are paying extra to your ISP, please remove your torrent. I am uploading it to another sharing site right now.


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