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Originally Posted by bryanz View Post
The problem I'm having is that when I have music playing from my iPhone I can get Siri to come on over Bluetooth, but her voice and my reply get cut off part way through. It seems like it takes a second or two for Bluetooth to link up every time I press the home button, but it's a bit longer than Siri expects so she starts talking before the link is up, and drops the connection before I start speaking. Is anyone else having this problem?
Yes, regularly. I don't think it's what you think, though. It happens when I'm plugged in via my lightning adapter and Y cable, and listening SPECIFICALLY to music stored ON MY iPHONE (notably NOT third party apps, like rdio and pandora).

When listening to iPhone music, I press siri, bluetooth takes over, she comes up, then halts and music begins playing again. I think this comes down to BMW's less-than-stellar implementation of iPod Accessory Protocol - siri comes up, but for some reason the head unit sends a 'play' signal immediately to the iPhone, causing siri to stop and music to begin again. Since it doesn't happen for me in third party apps, I can only assume that it's an annoying interaction between bits of iAP that only apply to the native iPhone music app and which BMW has issues with, and which other apps either don't implement or ignore or etc etc.

My workaround is twofold - first, I usually listen to music via Rdio, so the problem doesn't frequently bother me. Second, if I AM listening to the music app and it happens, I just use the source button on the wheel to switch to the radio, then activate siri - no "play" command gets resent (since the iPod interface is inactive) and siri has no problems working over BT.