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Originally Posted by 4EST View Post
ok, so MOST is the bus, so I guess some newer ECUs like to be coded only using it.
not REALLY - There's a MOST-CAN gateway device in the car that allows messages to be sent across the two busses back and forth, which in theory means you can program even a MOST-only 2URAD with a DCAN cable attached to the OBD-II port. But in practice, the only way that actually works reliably is if you have newer software and an OPS head, etc etc, expensive and mostly only applies to dealers.

EDIT: Keep in mind, the way you code BT or 6FL into the car is by editing your VO in (N)FRM and CAS, then resetting the head unit with an SG_RESET - that message is sent from your DCAN cable to the radio through the gateway. But then for whatever reason, my 2URAD won't respond to SG_CODIEREN or GET_CODED jobs from my particular installation of NCSEXPERT. Some people don't have that problem.

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Now if I have MOST cables at the back of the HU, I should have Logic7 too? Where should it be?
No, I only meant that as an example of one thing that uses MOST. All the headunits (except maybe old Business units? is that what you had? I forget) have a MOST connection. You can tell if you have L7 by looking at the center vent trim in your dash - if there's a speaker grill in the middle and not just solid plastic, you have a center speaker and thus L7. That said, if you had L7 you'd almost certainly know it - it's not a cheap option (and gives you advanced EQ functions in the headunit and whatnot).

Originally Posted by 4EST View Post
Also where is MOST diagnose port?
In the pedal trim, just to the right of the OBD-II connector. It's a little flush square you can pop out with a trim tool to get access to a MOST connector. As installed in the cover, the most connector is pointed to a terminator that just shorts the lines together to complete the ring. You won't really ever have a good reason to mess with this, though.