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not to start a fight.. but...

Originally Posted by 335_MI6 View Post
that wasnt my point, drags are just drags from a roll it doesnt even matter.... E90company said he hasnt seen a 5.0 faster then 12s, so i posted this video. Imagine if the op raced from a 40 roll with a fbo 5.0, you still think the 335i would "walk it"? Even a stock 5.0 vs a 335i (modded) from a rolling start is no joke... From a dig the mustang has no grip, thats where the drags help
now I M O! from a roll a modded 335i with the correct gear play would have there boost just perfect to absolutely dominate on a stock 5.0 and potentially beat even a modded one. from a dig we wont always have full boost yet at the right roll with a little skill you can potentially "launch" the vehicle from full boost be it 15, 16, 18 psi it would dramaticaly change the race. just my 2 cents and Im only saying this because I have done it, here we are very mustang heavy on the roads. they all get too happy with there loud exhaust.