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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
Lol loud without drone? Hmm... if you're willing to spend the money, the BMW PE sounds perfect (far from a bmw fan boy, I just think that it'll suit you the best.) The PE has minimal to no drone, loud and crisp with backfires. But if you don't have the money to just blow on an exhaust system, give cherry bomb pro or glasspack. They're both pretty loud with lower drone. From there, weld on the requested tips that makes your boat float and there you go lol
Btw, the PE with a quad set up actually looks pretty nice, I just hate the "oem or die" fanboys that's why I am a bit against the exhaust system. They usually all hate on my exhaust -.- but the system actually isn't bad at all, sounds pretty nice though
i did some googleing on cherry bomb after reading this, looks like if i want to go that route i would have to do the glasspacks and two of them at that and then split them, the chery bomb pro looks like it has a single inlet with single out so if i want to do quad, i would have to split and then split again which i would prefer not to do.

this is the setup i have on my m3 and i want it to sound (at least loudness level) close to this, what do you recommend?

this isn't my video and not my car, but same setup as i have, skip to 1:04 to bypass the useless music lol

Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
It's been done before so you shouldn't have a problem, I'm sure a muffler shop could get it done
hopefully! ive been reading some people losing low end torque from doing this so i'm a bit scared

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