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Ok so I did 3/4 93 octane straight ethanol free and then 1/4 e85. Didn't see any difference after 3rd and 4th gear WOT but one issue for sure. 1st and 2nd gear I'm fine but as soon as I shift to 3rd the car just kind of stops, loses power or jerks, knocks whatever you wanna call it and then suddenly runs fine. No lights at all. Everything else runs smooth. The max boost I saw was 15 psi but normal 10-12. Without e85 1st and 2nd gear I was doing a bit better. I tried map 5 and 1 same issue. Also I have an automatic. This issue didn't exist before e85. This is my first time trying e85. I will try to run logs but any ideas. The knock or stop doesn't happen all the time and only time it happens is transition from 2nd to 3rd thanks.