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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
More than likely he's just running the BMS flash and not 100% e85. The added fueling from the flash takes care of trims and a few other things, but with 100% e85 you would run into LPFP not being able to maintain the volume required to support the HPFP after shifts.

FFTEC just posted a picture of the LPFP booster on facebook "Vishnu Performance Systems". I'm running this pump and have been for the past 3 weeks. I run 100% e85 with no LPFP codes. I was skeptical at first, but I was trapping 150+ at Shift S3ctor and didn't have any fueling issues running 100% e85.

BUT.... Regardless of what tune you're running, your DME fueling tables need to be updated to take advantage of this. Otherwise you'll still be maxing your trims.
Does the PROcede log low fuel pressure? Are you sure you needed the inline pump? With methanol injection it should not be required for your power levels. Without methanol injection you might have had a low fuel pressure issue but the codes alone would not really indicate that. You would need to log low fuel pressure to see if its dropping at higher RPM. BMS found when it drops below 50psi or so bad things happen.