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Originally Posted by ENGINE er View Post
How many successful business do you see without employees? A mistake i see over and over is the "nobody can do it better than me" mentality. It ruins businesses and lives.

Read: The E-Myth, it will change your perspective.
Depends on the business model. I am self employed IT consultant, I had employees thru the 90's and for the last 12 years am solo. I only do projects I want to do, work about 50 hours a week including running the business, IE payroll taxes bills etc.. I do ok, less than when i had 4 people working for me but I work way less and spend way less, back then it was always 60+ hours per week and had some real asshats work for me sometimes(subcontracted gigs) always having to kiss someones ass because somebody thought because they were a so called expert they could pontificate to the client. Life is better now and have way more life.