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Originally Posted by skycat View Post
Sounds like you have money to burn
Maybe if you could compare the shocks side by side for performance and build quality you would change your mind,
I can have what i want but i use BC ER for around $1700,00 these are fantastic for anything but a full blown race car, why would you want to spent $4,000 plus for the same thing in anther brand.
Unless you are building a race car and are logging suspension data then your spend will be around the $12-$15.000 for something reasonable.
Don't wast your bucks on over priced US or Euro crap.
At the end of the day it is a road car that you may or may not do the odd track day
I like to save but it doesn't mean I have money to burn nor I like to burn money. I am really cautious with coilover nowadays, I've had Bilstein PSS9 (Hate it), Tein SRC (Hate it too stiff), Tein Flex (Same story) and finally settled with AST 4100 with Hyperco Springs (Awesome).

It's just day and night coming from Bilstein & Tein to AST 4100 in terms of build quality, ride quality and track performance although it comes with a hefty price tag.

My friend had BC Coilover in his civic last time, I can't start how bad it was but hey they might be as good as other US & European brands now however I normally trust brand that perform well on the track and still liveable on the street.

skycat, if you can provide some sort of dyno shocks for BC Coilover maybe you can change my mind
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